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Entry #2

New songs.

2007-11-14 07:15:48 by TehLeetStick

Hey Newgrounders.

I'm at a loss of ideas for songs, and was wondering if some of you people could help me get some new ideas.

Take a look at my older songs, review em, tell me what you think.

Then, suggest anything new you would like to hear me make.

I have Fl Studio 7

Thanks guys.



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2007-11-15 19:26:48

I say... Go with your jump style. Try to have a solid kick and bass note/sample w/e all the way through the song. Make it a fast song. And yeah, I like how your able to change the notes throughout the song, but try to iron out the transitions, they gotta sound smooth. (Dw, I got that problem too).

Yeah that's it.


Mind checking out all of my stuff. (All submissions other than my "Slow-Mo Victory Dance and Enemy Encounter are kinda bad. Well, Disarm the bomb is ok lol).


TehLeetStick responds:

Better then mine anyways.


2007-11-16 21:55:13

you should try and make an electronic maario or trance with a little bit of guitar or bass and quick beat woul also sound awsome

TehLeetStick responds:



2007-11-22 11:04:03


TehLeetStick responds:




2008-02-15 18:57:59


You should totally listen to this, it's awesome. n/104504

Maybe make something similar to that; but you should definitely make a remix from a game you love... DoD maybe? Hmm?

TehLeetStick responds:



2008-02-25 03:25:29

your at loss of ideas huh? you could remix songs on newgrounds.

TehLeetStick responds:

Alright, find me a good one :D