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New songs.

2007-11-14 07:15:48 by TehLeetStick

Hey Newgrounders.

I'm at a loss of ideas for songs, and was wondering if some of you people could help me get some new ideas.

Take a look at my older songs, review em, tell me what you think.

Then, suggest anything new you would like to hear me make.

I have Fl Studio 7

Thanks guys.



2007-07-28 00:00:27 by TehLeetStick

I dont know why everone likes clans, i don't. Because even if a member of that clan submit's a crappy submission (E.g Clock Crew) the other 50+ members will boost it up and it wont get blammed, but when some people spend weeks making a decent submission, just because its from a different clan, it will get blammed by the bigger stronger clan. Its like we live in a Freaking jungle!